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Thursday, January 25, 2007

भारतमा भोली रोबोटको भिडन्त।

आई आई टी बम्बैले आयोजना गरेको रोबोट प्रतियोगिता भोली देखि २ दिन सम्म हुदैछ ।नेपालको रोबोटिक्स् क्लबले उक्त प्रतियोगिता जित्ने प्रबल् सम्भावना रहेको क्लबका नेता रमेश चौधरीले आज पुल्चोकमा बताउनुभएको छ । १७ जनाको नेपाली टोली उक्त प्रतियोगितामा सहभागी हुन आई आई टी पुगिसकेको छ ।
नेपाली रोबोटको स्पीड धेरै छ , चौधरीले भने, हामी प्रतियोगिता जित्छौ ।


Monday, January 22, 2007

Nepali Robot: Reached in IIT Ground

Robotics club is participating in IIT Techfest on this week from 26 to 28 January. According to Robotics Club, IOE, Lalitpur, Nepali team had already reached Bombay to take part in the International Robot Competition, a major event of the Techfest.

Nepal had already won 500 US dollor Cash Prize in last Techfest, January 2004. The team of Robotics Club took part in the India’s biggest International Robotics Competition in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. In that contest, Nepal (The rope climbing robot) was third among the 23 teams from different countries.Let's hope for better this year too.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay presents the tenth edition of the largest student organized science and technology fest across Asia, Techfest 2007.

The competitions at Techfest continue to inspire young and brilliant minds to think outside the box and strive hard to achieve glory. Every year a new set of problem statements spanning all the disciplines of engineering are presented to the participants. Techfest 2007 consists of three international competitions viz. Micromouse, S.N.A.P. and Full Throttle: Afterburn. These competitions have collective prize money of USD 2500. Teams from Sri Lanka and Nepal have already confirmed their participation. Apart from these competitions there are over 25 other competitions to choose from with the total prize money running in excess of a whooping 7 lacs.

With an expected footfall of about 30,000 students Techfest this year promises to be bigger and better than ever. Come and visit Techfest 2007 at IIT Powaii from 26th-28th January to get the real feel of the fest. After all we believe that ‘Technology is for All’.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mission Everest : Completed

Step By Step ( Both pictures are not related to the ROBOCUP-2006 National Robot Competition in Nepal ) Dream of Nepali Engineers through ROBOCUP Competition in NEPAL in coming years .

In a tryst of science and mythology, Kathmandu Engineering College won the Grand Prix of RoboCup Nepal 2006 with their five Pandav robots — Yudhisthir, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul and Sahadev. The Pandav became the Everest Conqueror after defeating Robo-Zenith-06 of Advanced College of Engineering and Management 52-0 in the final held in the Covered Hall of Dashrath Stadium of Tripureshwor on Saturday. The college had also won the event's previous edition, RoboShooter 2005, with their three Trikaal robots last year. The semifinalists Khwopa Engineering College and Nepal College of Information Technology won the second runners-up awards of RoboCup Nepal 2006. The former had lost 7-66 to the eventual winner in the semifinal while the latter was defeated 2-29 to the first runner-up. In the other categories, National College of Engineering won the RoboCup Nepal award, Thapathali Campus (IOE) received the best performance award while Western Region Campus (IOE) walked away with the best idea award. Similarly, Pokhara Engineering College won the award for best artistic design and Eastern Region Campus Dharan (IOE) received the best engineering award. The debutants like Eastern College of Engineering from Biratnagar won the special award from Nepal Mountaineering Association while another Himalaya College of Engineering also received a consolation in the disciplinary category. The 13 participating college teams of this year's contest were initially divided into five groups in the league round, of which three groups had three teams each while two groups consisted two teams each. The first and second teams from the first three groups then moved to the quarterfinals along with the winners of the last two teams. The games were played with three participating students and an instructor, and their automatic and manual robots were given separate points for scoring balls in cylinders, collecting wastes into a dumping bin and placing the flag in the tower cylinder, in a 10-meter long and 9-meter wide game field. This third national robot contest was organized by the Robotics Club of Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering in association with AYON (Association of Youth Organizations Nepal).



Technology students from various colleges across the country will be putting their best technical know-how and strategies on their robots as their brain children vie for the title of Everest Conqueror of RoboCup Nepal 2006 at the Covered Hall of Dashrath Stadium in Tripureshwor on Saturday.
The national robotics contest, being organized for the third consecutive year by the Robotics Club of Pulchowk Campus, Institute of Engineering, is being held with its new official name, RoboCup Nepal 2006, and in association with AYON (Association of Youth Organizations Nepal).
The theme for this year's contest is "Mission Everest" under which the robots of the participating teams will be required to simulate the climbing and ascent of Mt Everest while also clearing the wastes on their way vis-à-vis transporting the supplies to the camps.
The games will be played on a rectangular 10 meter long and 9 meter wide game field between two teams each with three participating students and an instructor. Each team will be allowed to use a manual robot and a desired number of automatic robots within the specified total weight and dimensions. The manual and automatic machines must do their respective works — like scoring balls into the transparent carrier cylinders, dumping wastes into the bin, and installing the flag in the tower cylinder — from their own specified movement zones. Separate points will be awarded for each operation.
Each game will be played for three minutes and the team scoring more points will become the Everest Conqueror.
The contest will be held in a league-cum-knockout format. After the initial round robin league games, the winner from each group will advance to the next knockout round until the final Everest Conqueror is declared.
This year, 13 engineering colleges from Kathmandu and outside are participating in RoboCup Nepal 2006. The colleges are Apex College, Advanced College of Engineering and Management, Eastern Region Campus (Dharan), Kantipur Engineering College, Kathmandu Engineering College, Khwopa Engineering College, National College of Engineering, National College of Information Technology, Pokhara Engineering College (Pokhara), Thapathali Campus, Western Region Campus (Pokhara), Eastern College of Engineering (Biratnagar) and Himalayan College of Engineering.
The contest has a lineup of eight awards, namely Grand Prix, first runner-up, second runners-up, best artistic design, best idea, best engineering, and best mechanism.


National robot competition kicks off
Sunday, January 14,2007
KATHMANDU: Prof Dr Home Nath Bhattarai, Vice-chancellor of the Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST), today inaugurated the ‘National Robot Competition-2007’ organised by the Robotic club of the Pulchowk Engineering Campus at the covered hall of Dhasarath stadium.Inaugurating the competition, Dr Bhattarai said: “Education should be made more useful and applicable to our lives so as to make people skilful.”Stressing on the importance of Science and Technology, he said: “Work comes first in science and the theory is formulated later on.“Therefore, one should develop the technology that suits geographical features of the country and only after that one should indulge the theory,” he said.Mahadev Pant, a student from the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Pulchwok Campus, said: “This kind of competition helps to find out whether Nepal is ready to be a country of rich technology or not.” “Since we have already participated in international competitions, too, this competition can be the ground to share those experiences with other participants,” he said.The competition was held under the aegis of “Robocup Nepal 2006: Mission Everest” where the organisers have managed an area of 90 square metres to symbolise the Mt Everest. Robotics Club, Pulchwok Campus, has been organising the robot competition since 2004.Robocup Nepal 2006: Mission Everest is the continuation of Robo-Soccer 2004 and Robo-Shooter 2005.